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Montréal AI-First Conglomerate : The Keystone of the Artificial Intelligence Industry

MONTRÉAL.AI : The Keystone of the AI Industry

AI is Capable of Profoundly Transforming Industries and Societies.

MONTRÉAL.AI (EST’B’D 2003) | Montréal Artificial Intelligence, a research company at the forefront of the AI field, is developing and commercializing the most significant general-purpose technology ever created.

After building Canada’s largest artificial intelligence community , it’s time to build the largest AI business in Montreal: MONTRÉAL.AI. MONTRÉAL.AI aims for unicorn status.

We are on the dawn of The Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Montréal.AI Joint Transformative AI Engineering Task Force

A High-Stakes Game

🌐 Task Force

Montréal.AI Joint Transformative AI Engineering Task Force

Successful business strategy is about actively shaping the game you play, not just playing the game you find“ — The Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy | A. Brandenburger & B. Nalebuff

The Montréal.AI’s Joint Transformative AI Engineering Task Force, operating unilaterally or in combination with multinational and interagency partners (national and international organizations), is accountable for the pre-eminent deployment and orchestration of the Montréal AI-First Conglomerate Overarching Program in order to powerfully scale AI to global industrial landscapes, to pioneer AI-first systemic business advantages and to win the AI race .

Montréal Artificial Intelligence harnesses the fundamentals of artificial intelligence on a truly global scale and put them to strategically leverage enterprises, governments and institutions with precision engineering.

MONTRÉAL.AI’s Umbrella : Montréal AI-First Conglomerate

Artificial intelligence is able to enhance prosperity and to settle planetary-scale problems. Under MONTRÉAL.AI’s umbrella, riding on the phenomenal exponential of AI progress, multiple companies and organisation are being structured to apply hugely impactful pre-AGI technologies in ways never thought of.

Montréal.AI is starting an effort reaching out to Captains of Industry, Iconic Tech Entrepreneurs, Luminaries, Philanthropists, Scholars and Successful Financiers to join us at boardroom level in this task of historic proportions.

Montreal.AI Academy

Training the individuals who, with AI, will shape the 21st Century.

Artificial Intelligence 101: The First World-Class Overview of AI for the General Public

MONTREAL.AI is preparing a Global Network of Education Centers to pioneer an impactful understanding of AI and to foster a vector for safe humanitarian artificial general intelligence (AGI). The Montreal.AI Academy democratizes artificial intelligence to empower humanity in all its forms.

Montréal.AI Fine Arts

Pioneering legendary fine AI arts opening the doors to the AI art movement.

Captivating a discerning audience and causing a huge stir amongst top art collectors and the most iconoclastic figures, Montréal.AI Fine Arts reflects the conceptual richness and ‘purist’ form of AI creativity expressed by the machine. We are preparing a worldwide PR campaing with major talk show appearances and a TV documentary.

Montréal.AI Fine Consulting

Consulting the right AI leader can significantly increase your odds of business success.

MONTRÉAL.AI | Montréal Artificial Intelligence : A High-Stakes Game

MONTREAL.AI develops and trains completion-oriented women and men with the determination to ensure a fully ‘Joint Artificial Intelligence Consulting Workforce‘ : Operationally, organizationally, and technically.

We want to see more widespread matrix interoperability, individual and life-long learning opportunities and development of Chief AI Officers who possess the knowledges, the skills and the competencies to orchestrate impactful breakthroughs and tangible economic growth for Fortune 500, governments and interagency partners in full compliance with our masterplan : The Montréal AI-First Conglomerate Overarching Program.

Montreal.AI Research: The Apollo Program for AGI

The Grand Challenge for AI Research. #AGIFirst

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the most ambitious scientific quest in human history. Under the Montreal.AI‘s umbrella, Montreal.AI Research is launching the Apollo program for AGI to pioneer the general-purpose technology, the holy grail of AI, that will define the future.

We are at the verge of a global technological shift.

Montreal.AI Research’s immediate priorities are to orchestrate AGI-First systemic breakthroughs to solve planetary-scale challenges and to pioneer a new era of superhuman scientific discoveries.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the Most Ambitious Scientific Quest in Human History

Who do you turn to if you seek out the very best in Artificial Intelligence?

MONTRÉAL.AI’s little black book holds the connections, insider knowledge and numbers to help you out.

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🏛 Headquarters : 350, PRINCE-ARTHUR STREET W., SUITE #2105, MONTREAL [QC], CANADA, H2X 3R4 *Administrative Head Office

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