DEBATE : Yoshua Bengio | Gary Marcus

The Best Way Forward For AI



Yoshua Bengio and Gary Marcus on the best way forward for AI

Moderated by Vincent Boucher

Gary Marcus, slides :

Yoshua Bengio, slides :

Transcript of the AI Debate : | PDF

After AI Debate Discussion

Bengio-Marcus AI Debate Post Mortem, Part I: The Deep Learning Pivot, Gary Marcus, Dec. 26, 2019 :

Response to Gary Marcus, Yoshua Bengio, December 26th 2019 :

A research program is not a set of techniques: A brief response to Yoshua Bengio’s December 26 reply to me, Gary Marcus, Dec. 27, 2019 :

Yoshua's definition of Deep Learning, Yoshua Bengio, December 27th 2019 :

Deep learning, science, engineering, research, and terminology, Gary Marcus, January 1, 2020 :

The Next Decade in AI: Four Steps Towards Robust Artificial Intelligence, Gary Marcus, Feb 14, 2020 :

Readings by Yoshua & Gary

Readings by Yoshua

From System 1 Deep Learning to System 2 Deep Learning, Yoshua Bengio, NeurIPS, Dec. 11, 2019 :

The Consciousness Prior, Bengio et al., 2017 (last revised 2 Dec 2019) :

Recurrent Independent Mechanisms, Goyal et al., 2019 :

Learning Neural Causal Models from Unknown Interventions, Ke et al., 2019 :

BabyAI: First Steps Towards Grounded Language Learning With a Human In the Loop, Chevalier-Boisvert et al., 2018 (latest version 19 Dec 2019) :

A Meta-Transfer Objective for Learning to Disentangle Causal Mechanisms, Bengio et al., 2019 :

Readings by Gary

Rule learning by seven-month-old infants, G. F. Marcus et al., Science 283(5398):77-80, February 1999 :

Rebooting AI : Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust, Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis, 2019 (Chapter 4, for Bengio and Marcus debate) :

The Algebraic Mind, Gary F. Marcus, 2001 (chapters 2 (last part) and 3, now available free from MIT Press, in celebration of the debate) :

Innateness, AlphaZero, and Artificial Intelligence, Gary Marcus, 2018 :

The Birth of the Mind (Chapters 6 - 8), Gary Marcus, 2004

Rethinking Eliminative Connectionism, Gary Marcus, 1998 :

Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal, Gary Marcus, 2018 :


Pre-Readings by Gary & Yoshua :


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ORIGINAL LIVE STREAMING | Monday, 23 December 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST) at Mila