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The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts

Opening the Doors to the Crypto AI Art Movement

Captivating a discerning audience, MONTREAL.AI Art pioneers legendary AI creations reflecting the aesthetic diversity, the conceptual richness and “purist“ form of AI creativity expressed by the machine.

At the Intersection of the Fine AI Art-Market and the Crypto Art-Market, MONTREAL.AI ART Pioneers the Crypto AI Art-Market

The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts is causing a huge stir amongst top art collectors and the most brilliant and influential figures worldwide. We are preparing a worldwide PR campaing with major talk show appearances.

MONTREAL.AI: Opening the Doors to the Crypto AI Art Movement

Fine AI Art-market history was made on October 25, 2018, when the first AI artwork ever sold at Christie’s auction house shattered expectations, fetching $432,500. Crypto Art-market history was made on March 11, 2021, when the first purely digital artwork (NFT) ever offered at Christie’s realised $69,346,250.

The Artists Creating with AI Won’t Follow Trends; THEY WILL SET THEM.“ — MONTREAL.AI

Historical Significance

For the first time ever, at the intersection of the Fine AI Art-market and the Crypto Art-market, The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts presents, with authority, the very first world-class purely digital Crypto AI Art.

Verified Collection on OpenSea_

Becoming“ is a verified limited collection of 1,000 unique AI-generated works of art, at the intersection of the Fine AI Art-market and the Crypto Art-market. Available on: OpenSea.

Collection #1 - The Quintessential AI Element

The Purest Archetype Of An Art Movement

On the Creation of World’s Most Valuable Crypto AI Art

Over centuries, Masters have been producing artworks reflecting facets of an artistic movement. MONTREAL.AI MASTER is an AI painter capable of gradually generating, via search and learning, the purest archetype of an art movement: The Quintessential AI Element. MONTREAL.AI succeeded at generating the purest archetype of each of the 10 greatests art movements: Abstract Expressionism, Art Nouveau Modern, Cubism, Expressionism, Impressionism, Naive Art Primitivism, Northern Renaissance, Realism, Romanticism and Symbolism.

The Quintessential AI Element: The Purest Archetype Of An Art Movement

At the intersection of the greatests art movements, AI and crypto art, each of “The Quintessential AI Element“ is a novel, original and worthwhile Crypto AI Art offered on:

Collection #2 - Becoming

AI Art Generated by a GAN Trained on the Greatests Art Movements

Becoming: Digital AI Artworks, Generated by a GAN Trained on the Greatests Art Movements, Each with a Unique NFT

Collection #3 - The Open-Ended AI that Owns Itself

Evolving AI + Ethereum = Artificial Life

Collection #3 - The Open-Ended AI that Owns Itself

Every new medium comes with its own mindset.“ — Pak

A Paradigm Shift

AIAgents.Eth | MetaLearning.Eth | ReinforcementLearning.Eth

Crypto 3D AI High Jewel ( 💎 )

AI is “Digital Diamonds” for Crypto Art

A Legendary History: The Source of an Exceptional Legacy

MONTRÉAL.AI’s Founding Chairman Vincent Boucher received, on the 15th of October 2009, the prestigious Guinness World Records title for his Largest Cut Paraiba Tourmaline.

Guinness World Records™ | It's a gem of a start for Billionaire.

Crypto 3D AI Art: The Building of a Legacy

AI is Poised to Define the High Jewelry Industry of the 21st Century

At the forefront of a trend that will profoundly impact the $350 billion / Year fashion, fine arts & jewelry industry, The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts is designing the very first world-class Crypto 3D AI High Jewel with a non-fungible token (NFT) - effectively a guarantee of its authenticity.

MONTRÉAL.AI's Chairman Vincent Boucher holds a Guinness World Records in the high jewelry industry.

Financier (Vincent Boucher) acquires world’s rarest stone.”“ — Mike King, The Gazette

AI CONCERT : Defining the Genre of AI-Made Music

MONTRÉAL.AI Orchestra: Pioneering Legendary Symphonies

MONTREAL.AI Orchestra: Pioneering Legendary Symphonies

MONTRÉAL.AI Academy: AI 101 for Artists

Encompassing all facets of AI for Artists, The House of MONTREAL.AI Fine Arts introduces, with authority and insider knowledge: “Artificial Intelligence for Artists: The First World-Class Overview of AI for Artists“.

To identify truly path-breaking work, we would do better to stop asking where the boundary line lies between human artists’ agency and that of AI toolsets, and instead start asking whether human artists are using AI to plumb greater conceptual and aesthetic depths than researchers or coders.“ — Tim Schneider and Naomi Rea, artnet, September 25, 2018

#AI4Artists is created to inspire artists who, with AI, will define the 21st Century.

A Truly Special Celebration that is Certain to Make History!

During the Renaissance, Pope Julius II commissioned painter Michelangelo for artwork of the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican. Today, you may commission AI artwork from The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts.

The defining art-making technology of our era will be AI.“ — Rama Allen

Exalting the purest and most beautiful creations, offering education and research revealing a unique range of critical, intellectual, and historical point of view, and opening the doors to a New Art Movement, The House of MONTRÉAL.AI Fine Arts fuels, with authority, the passion that drive today’s most successful AI artists.

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