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Montréal.AI Consulting

We want to see more widespread matrix interoperability, individual and life-long learning opportunities and development of Chief AI Officers who possess the knowledges, the skills and the competencies to orchestrate impactful breakthroughs and tangible economic growth for Fortune 500, governments and interagency partners in full compliance with our masterplan : The Montréal AI-First Conglomerate Overarching Program.

Montréal.AI : The Best in AI Consulting

MONTRÉAL.AI | Montréal Artificial Intelligence develops and trains completion-oriented women and men with the determination to ensure a fully ‘Joint Artificial Intelligence Consulting Workforce’ : Intellectually, operationally, organizationally, and technically.

Montréal.AI : The Best in AI Consulting

Today, Montréal.AI Consulting offers hugely impactful artificial intelligence that has the potential to advance humanity more significantly than the agricultural revolution.

Montréal.AI Space | Consulting

Recognizing that Montreal is a world-class aerospace industry hub and a world leader in artificial intelligence, we’ve created Montréal.AI Space.“ — Vincent Boucher, Founding Chairman at Montréal.AI

Montréal.AI Space

Considering that top AI talent is extremely scarce right now and bearing in mind that consulting the right AI leader can significantly increase your odds of business success, Montréal.AI Space now offers consulting.

Montréal.AI Blockchain | Consulting

…there is no discrimination against robots or humans in the Ethereum ecosystem…“ — Ethereum Foundation

Apply AI In Ways Never Thought Of

  • Deploying powerful AI agents on Blockchain ;
  • Developing general-purpose multi-agent DAE ;
  • Evolving Blockchain-based artificial life ; etc.

State Of The Art 'Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain' Consulting

Montréal.AI DAO : A modality agnostic platform for developing general-purpose AI-first decentralized autonomous organisations (Startups, Government, Institutes, …) + A toolkit to deploy AI on top of it.

AI + Ethereum = Artificial Life (The Economy of Things)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.“ — Buckminster Fuller

Montréal.AI Atelier | Top AI Models

The Montréal.AI Atelier develops scorching top AI models in the browser from transfer learning combined with reinforcement learning (RL) and good old fashioned machine learning intuition.

Montréal.AI Atelier | Top AI Models

The Montréal.AI Atelier in addition deploys tailored top AI models and fully-fledged AI systems.

Montréal.AI Safety

Mitigation, Safeguarding and Sustainability

If an autonomous agent becomes self-aware, clients can reach the Montréal.AI Safety Red Phone directly.

Montréal.AI Safety | Red Phone

We expect AI technologies to be hugely impactful in the short term, but their impact will be outstripped by that of the first AGIs.“ — OpenAI

Join Us — A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

MONTRÉAL.AI | Montréal Artificial Intelligence is starting an effort to bring together the top world-class deep learning experts, captains of industries and leading seasoned executives to build a decisive, preeminent and renowned outstanding AI consulting workforce.

To apply to join our pool of outstanding consulting workforce :


Last year, the cost of a top, world-class deep learning expert was about the same as a top NFL quarterback prospect. The cost of that talent is pretty remarkable.“ — Peter Lee, Microsoft

Montréal.AI : The Best in AI Consulting

Breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts.“ — Bill Gates

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🏛 Headquarters : 350, PRINCE-ARTHUR STREET W., SUITE #2105, MONTREAL [QC], CANADA, H2X 3R4 *Administrative Head Office

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